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Jameela Siddiqi , Female Voice Over Artist - English,Indian (Hindi),Indian (Urdu),
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Jameela Siddiqi

Female, Asian, Urdu / Hindi. Broadcaster, journalist, mid-range.

Languages I: English, Urdu, Hindi
(fluently spoken, read and written with capability for fast, simultaneous 2-way translation)

Languages II: Punjabi Gujerati, Kutchi, Bengali
(translation into English/Urdu/Hindi from oral source)

Languages III: Arabic, Farsi, & Swahili
(working knowledge, adequate for post-production with rough section translation into English/Urdu/Hindi)

Self-employed writer, broadcaster, musicologist, editor, translator and voice-over artiste. South Asian Languages Consultant for Oxford University Press
Translation and Voice-over/dubbing, foreign language versions of government information films (minimum wage, pensions, etc.) as well as commercials, promos and documentaries. Numerous legal and medical translations from English to Urdu/Hindi with voice-over when required.

Proof-reading and checking English translations for accuracy against original foreign language scripts and making script adjustments to fit available picture time.

Voice-overs for foreign Government (and NGO) information films in Urdu/Hindi, some dramatised and requiring voice-dubbing with acting ability. Scripts and voice-overs have included privately sponsored projects on AIDS awareness and translations of English booklets and audio/video tapes aimed at South Asian parents in coming to terms with their children's sexuality.

Sub-titles for a number of Indian films and drama series for Channel Four Television – from Urdu/Hindi into English. Also able to supply Hindi sub-titles over English/Urdu speech.

Sony Gold Award (1998) for the series "Songs of the Sufi Mystics" (BBC World Service) Regular appearances on BBC Radio 3 & 4 and World Service as presenter, arts reviewer (Front Row, Saturday Review, Nightwaves) and contributor on talk shows (Copysnatc ...

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